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Sortie à vélo du midi

  • 50.4km
  • 1,722m
  • 1:38:11
    Moving Time


  1. Anto (.
    Anto (Team Cook)

    Va mieux Thibaut ?

  2. Lanterne R.
    Lanterne Rouge

    Did you get over your descending phobia?

  3. Anto (.
    Anto (Team Cook)

    He will probably answer, but I think he's working on it (http://app.strava.com/segments/5367939?filter=overall) ;o)

  4. Francis A.
    Francis Abadie

    Juste aux Sud des Pyrénées :)
    M'en fou on a 18 degrés

  5. Fanch L.
    Fanch Langlo

    On gueri tout de suite plus vite au soleil. Courage aux BZH potes !!! Gotibo. And this is how he is working on it .. http://video.lequipe.fr/video/cyclisme/cyclisme-pinot-a-pleine-vitesse/?sig=88bdfcd6df5s&

  6. Phil B.
    phil baldasera

    Good luck Thibaut. All that work over the winter you deserve a big year

  7. Arnoud W.
    Arnoud W.

    Hope you get fit soon! all the best since pulling out of Oman..

  8. Anto (.
    Anto (Team Cook)

    Repose-toi bien et reviens vite en selle, en forme !