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Morning Ride

  • 35.7mi
  • 728ft
  • 2:05:18
    Moving Time
  • 1,013
  • 86
    Suffer Score


  1. Shannon T Sr🚲

    Think you passed me like the Wind on Greenline today

  2. Tim Bowen

    Do you remember what part? Sometimes I'm in my zone and don't notice friends. Lol

  3. Shannon T Sr🚲

    About 2 miles west of Gtown Parkway. On GreenlineI had the Yellow helmet on coming toward you.

  4. Tim Bowen

    That wasn't me. I didn't ride that far down today. That may have Corey B. most likely.

  5. Shannon T Sr🚲

    My bad. Well he was Rolling pretty good any. New to the Road Cycling Strava scene. I'll try to follow him as well. Thanks for the conversation.

  6. Tim Bowen

    No problem. Yeah, Corey B is fast! 👌🏿