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Ouse Valley Way Marathon -- taking it steady as last full training mara before Chester in 3 weeks. 2nd place. Muddy this year, lots of gates...

  • 26.1mi
  • 3:06:06
    Moving Time
  • 7:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,913


  1. James T.

    Well done. You looked to be having the easier time of you and the runner you came through Houghton with. I was surprised by the number of runners coming through not so far behind you at that point.

  2. Bijendra S.

    Wow! Champ superb timing in this 26 miles..

  3. Jon A.

    Great run Charlie

  4. Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks guys! Sorry I didn't clock you immediately James, it was a treat to see you there. The chap I was with did a 100M race in San Fancisco last weekend... I felt guilty about drifting away from him as he was rather depending on me knowing the way (following GPS trace on my watch), so for a while I was holding gates open etc but eventually he did recede (and did then get lost!). Even Dan, way out in front, got a bit lost, despite preparing well with recces -- I think not getting lost is a big part of these races, and yet many people seem to take no trouble to avoid it at all. Still not sure if I got the effort right -- ideally I should be able to train effectively tomorrow without DOMS. We'll see! Felt strong at the end, anyway, so I don't think I was beating myself up too much.

  5. James T.

    I wasn't in an easy place to spot; I'd decided to hold the gate open having realised too late to be so kind to Dan. The marshal decided sensibly to keep the gate open and just shut it if the sheep or cows tried to make a break in the end (as it began to get busy). No idea if any escaped I only had twenty minutes available for clapping people through.

  6. Charlie Wartnaby

    Ah thank you, there were enough latched gates so having one open was nice! Was a bit odd having a 'race' where I was basically pausing to hold the gate open for my immediate competitor!