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Walking Miss Cleo and Kolbe with Hubby (on our anniversary!)

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  1. Barefoot Teresa

    Stephanie Harvey Here’s a photo of Kolbe and Miss Cleo😊 We have sad news about Kolbe. He came to us with underdeveloped hind end muscles from having been crated for four years (according to the owner who surrendered him to the pound). Although he has gained much muscle now that we’ve been walking and running him, he still has an odd gait. Our vet feared an injury in addition to his years spent mostly in a crate. She x-rayed him last week and found that at one time his left hip was completely broken and never treated. The break healed terribly, and his bone structure is all wrong. His bone structure interfers with his colon etc, which is why he has trouble passing stool. Nothing can be done about any of this now; the break is too old. He seems to run and move fine, despite his awkward gait, but our vet said as he ages he will develop pain as a result of his untreated injury. She told me to keep walking and runnimg with him, which will help keep his joints loose and help build / maintain muscle. These things will help the poor little guy. He’s got such a great personality (which continues to unfold), though, despite his difficult former life.

  2. Appalachian Runner

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby Teresa!! I hope you have a great day!! I'm really sorry to hear the above story about Kolbe. It's such a tragedy how some people treat animals and never get to know how great they can be.

  3. Derek C. ⚓

    Happy anniversary, Teresa!!!!!

  4. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Appalachian Runner and Derek C. ⚓! We’re at 37 years, and I told Phillip I’m in for another 37! God has blessed us, indeed.

  5. Barefoot Teresa

    Appalachian Runner, that people can mistreat animals is such a mystery and tragedy. I keep reminding myself that dogs can’t dwell on their past the way humans can, so Kolbe’s experience bothers us way more than it bothers him (psychologically and emotionally). We’ll just make sure the rest of his life is full of love and comfort.

  6. Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    Thank you for the picture! That is such a sad story (although a constipated dog sounds like the ideal pet...just kidding). So happy that he now belongs to a family that loves him and will take care of him. And, so happy that he can continue running! Happy anniversary to y'all!

  7. Kim Frick

    Wow you would never guess that from Kolbe's huge grin. What a sweetie and I'm so glad he found such a kind and loving home with you two. Happy Anniversary! 💕

  8. Barefoot Bill E.
    Barefoot Bill E.

    Happy anniversary! Next year in Wales.

  9. Barefoot Teresa

    Yep, Barefoot Bill Evans - Phillip was talking about our Wales trip to our kids just last weekend! Can’t wait!

  10. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Kim Frick and Stephanie Harvey, for the anniversary wishes! Stephanie, Kolbe is totally against walking on wet grass. When we had those several rainy days last week, he flatly refused to stay out long enough to take care of potty duties, even though I stayed outside with him. No accidents in the house, though, so I actually had the same thought about constipated dogs being pretty good pets! He is a sweetie, Kim, for sure!

  11. Jerry Keith

    Happy anniversary to u.

  12. Elliot E.
    Elliot E.

    Happy anniversary!

  13. Patty Vander Dussen

    Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful gift you are to Kolbe!! ❤️

  14. Emrah Ünal

    Happy anniversary! Congratulations!

  15. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Elliot Estrada, Emrah Ünal, Patty Vander Dussen, and Jerry Keith, for your sweet anniversary wishes! Elliot Estrada, I think you passed me on a run last week or the week before, but you blazed by so fast I didn’t have time to shout out a greeting! Hope to see you again on the trail, soon! Patty Vander Dussen, Kolbe is a gift to me, too. He’s the sweetest little dog, and so full of spirit despite his sad past! He brings us much joy - and he has brought Miss Cleo out of the depression she entered when we had to euthanize our elderly little terrier September 2016.

  16. Geri L.
    Geri L.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Phillip! You are truly blessed and it's my hope that Kolbe finds joy in his runs.

  17. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Geri L! I always ❤️ your comments. They encourage me so much!