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EVERESTING : I hope this ride qualifies! http://www.everesting.cc/ 94x EdgeHill ->8848m+

Ride March 29, 2014
  • 154.6km
  • 8,863m
  • 11:13:37
    Moving Time
  • 9,529
  • 401
    Relative Effort
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  1. Mark U.

    Brilliant, sneaky and completely mad!!!!

  2. Iain Wight (Cotswold Cycles TREK)

    Pierre, you are my utter hero, but mad! Well, well, done. I cannot believe what you went through to do that. Great job. Iain.

  3. Mark U.

    I think this has broken Strava. It only shows half a dozen climbs on my phone!

  4. Dominic Hollingdale

    Fecking hell. Pierre. Legend.

  5. Iain Wight (Cotswold Cycles TREK)

    I think he has the record for enough segments to break Strava!

  6. Lewis Fagge

    I think you need help, this is ridiculous even for you. Please tell me you atleast drove half of them!? Amazing ride.. 94 times!!!!

  7. Ian K.

    God damn it, I love you!! Well done mate.

  8. Brodie Cullinan


  9. Dan H.

    Big Slice Of Awesome!!!!!

  10. Wayne M.

    With or without the onions? Brilliant!

  11. James H.

    I love that you actually did this! Brilliant ride. Well done doesn't really cover it.

  12. Leszek J.

    Hahahahahahahaha! Brilliant!!!

  13. George L.


  14. Duncan L.

    Only by a French man!! Love the fact you didn't even take time out to remove the plastic cover off your shiny new Garmin!!!!

  15. Andy Bell


  16. Pierre Guern

    Thanks all for your messages! I think I'm starting to get back to life. It's a great day out today, but you won't see me outside! or maybe just a gentle spin to go to the Jacuzzi:) Have a lovely day.

  17. Andy Robson

    You are crazy! But I salute you for that - awesome!

  18. Chris S.


  19. Stuart Hepburn

    Oh my goodness...  Warwickshire Council should erect a sign - 'Edge Hill, twinned with Pierre Guern'

  20. Andy Robson

    Yes... I reckon we could get a cycle lane installed there too with this evidence! Busy route that hill ;-)

  21. Barry P.

    Straight jacket awaits you at work on Monday & then of to a dark room somewhere .
    Madness & bonkers .

  22. Richard G.


  23. Lee Jackson

    Holy feck, that is awesomely mad!

  24. Philip Magnus MHP

    Haha!! Cinglé et farfelu.

  25. Stuart Tyrrell Cotswold Cycles TREK

    raving mad but hats off to you well done

  26. Anthony Griffith

    Pierre, what have you done? Where is your pain threshold ? Well done on a barking effort

  27. John P.

    Amazing - just seen this. There must be a groove running up that hill now! Kudos^2

  28. John P.

    That's this year's hill repeats done then!

  29. James H.

    Looks like you may have the "most efficient" Everesting yet!  http://www.everesting.cc/hall-of-fame/

  30. Pierre Guern

    Hi James That would be nice too:) I'd be happy with the first UK Everesting. Still waiting for it to be confirmed! By the way, do you realize that this is all your fault???

  31. Eat M.

    Welcome to the club!

  32. James H.

    I was only joking when I mentioned the challenge to you but I did think that if I know anyone who would try and also manage it then it would be you!

  33. John Van Seters

    Well done! Fantastic effort!

  34. Jess E.

    Wow so awesome!!

  35. Shin B.


  36. Brad T.

    Congratulations Pierre

  37. Leszek J.

    Did they renamed Edgehill to Guern Hill already? :)

  38. Julien S.


  39. Edward Dorsey

    Huge! Congratulations, Pierre!

  40. Brian R.

    wow thats amazing!

  41. Dave H.

    Absolutely brilliant! Fair play buddy!

  42. Ed Y.

    Wow! Amazing! Next step mountain biking up the real thing!

  43. Frank Knopers


  44. Mehdi S.

    Sick. I can't imagine the pain and mental fortitude required there :) Good work!

  45. Mehdi S.

    Words cannot do justice how much I am impressed by scale of the achievement be it the athletic part or the mental fortitude it took to do that ....K.U.D.O.S. Super Bien fais

  46. Martin Cowell, PCRT

    Awesome - also insane!

  47. Gareth Joseph

    Hat off to you what a ride.

  48. Nick Entwistle

    That's put a Smile on my face awesome riding.

  49. Mike L.

    Holy hell! Congrats!