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2017-11-03 Chichibu Autumn Leaves Viewing #NoRinko

  • 189.5km
  • 2,192m
  • 12:45:08
    Moving Time
  • 5,030


  1. Kenneth Bonner 1942

    Wow, Joe! Max. speed of 136 kph? Did you go into 'free-fall', or did you forget to turn off your GPS whilst travelling in a motor vehicle. ... Ken

  2. Joe Wein

    Ken, I don't use a wheel sensor on my bike so any speed data is based purely on GPS, which is notoriously noisy in the mountains and especially coming out of tunnels. I wish Strava would manage to smooth that out a bit :)

  3. Joe Wein

    Ride report with pictures: http://www.tokyointernationalcyclists.com/t/ride-report-2017-chichibu-foliage-ride/450

  4. Kenneth Bonner 1942

    Joe, thank-you for sending your ride report ... great photos and dialogue. Joe, if you have not yet come across Strava cyclist, Joel Bruner, https://www.strava.com/athletes/7381663 you might want to follow him. He seems hooked on rando-cycling, but also appears to love touring and taking great photos. He lives in Thailand, but originally from Africa. I think he also has a regular blog (he sent me a trip report from that blog quite awhile ago). I've heard from others that Japan has lots of opportunities for 'cycle-climbing', and from your photos this is true, but also very scenic! I thought the background of the totem photos looked somewhat familiar, but thought perhaps since it is all the Pacific Ocean, Japan had some similar ocean views. .... Ken