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Robert Schumacher

Sacramento , California
  • 38
    Activities in 2018
  • 326.8
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 163

South Bidwell Epic

Ride December 10, 2017
  • 11.4mi
  • 1,693ft
  • 2:36:21
    Moving Time
  • 1,123
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  1. Richard Ma
    Richard Ma

    look like a good place to ride. U awesome

  2. Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    Cool to see you up here in Chico riding. How do you like Bidwell?

  3. Robert Schumacher
    Robert Schumacher

    Ben Johnson It was challenging. I was in my head and couldn’t quite get my groove. The climb up South Rim was a hell of a workout. Guardian down was a bit more pedally than I was expecting. You earn every inch there, up & down. I’m interested in the North side. I hear it’s a bit faster over there.

  4. Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    Yeah there's a big learning curve to riding bidwell. Takes awhile to learn how to make it 'flow'. But after riding it for awhile it makes you a better rider. Yeah climbing 10 mile sucks, I generally avoid it. Guardian has sections that are super flowy and fast and sections that are super pedally. Bidwell tends to have either pedally super-d type descents (guardian, Middle trail, etc) or steep loose gnarly fall-line descents (winston, red bud, live oak, etc) and no in-between. Go-to north side loop is North Rim-> B-> Middle. North Rim is a long rocky tiring climb. B is fun - rocky switchbacks, longest sustained descent in the park. Coming back on Middle has a few high speed descents and many pedally flats and punchy climbs. On the south side, Secret trail and Cat Run are pretty fast/fun. There's great stuff up in Redding I'd recommend too such as swasey or french fry.

  5. Robert Schumacher
    Robert Schumacher

    I'll definitely go back to Bidwell to try the other side of the creek. It's funny, I told one of the guys yesterday, I'm sure if you ride here all the time and have the lines down you can make this a lot more fun. Knowing when to shift or prepare to pedal and carry speed is worth it's weight in gold at a place like that. I'm looking forward to riding in the Redding or Whiskeytown area. I've heard good things. Thanks for the info on the routes!!!

  6. Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    Yeah totally. It's a massive home field advantage in races like the annual bidwell bump. Yeah the enticer flow trail up in redding is pretty sweet!


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