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Matt Maynard

Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • 406

Wild and remote. Solo on the Greater Patagonian Trail sections 1 and a bit (stopped the clock for sleeps)

Hike January 31, 2018
  • 88.6km
  • 4,556m
  • 20:22:47
    Moving Time
  • 7,735
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  1. Fabien B.
    Fabien B.

    Seems like a great adventure. How many days?

  2. Matt Maynard
    Matt Maynard

    Thanks Man. Two nights. Three days

  3. Richard Waddington
    Richard Waddington

    Wow MATT go you. Looks amazing, better than wet, cold windy Orpington. Pushing out on the bike this morning brrr

  4. Matt Maynard
    Matt Maynard

    Thanks Richard. Good job getting out there man!

  5. Fabien B.
    Fabien B.

    Huge d+! Not so many bushes on the way? Trail was easy to follow?

  6. cristian lucero
    cristian lucero


  7. cristobal vio
    cristobal vio


  8. Matt Maynard
    Matt Maynard

    Fabien Beaufils - not at all easy to follow. Used GPS every 2 minutes almost the entire way. Trees and plants below 1700m. The trail uses animal and arriero trails

  9. Nicolas Jego
    Nicolas Jego

    congrats Matt!

  10. Matt Maynard
    Matt Maynard

    Thanks Nicolas. Por donde vives? En santiago?

  11. Nicolas Jego
    Nicolas Jego

    @Matt Maynard Santiago centro.

  12. Matt Maynard
    Matt Maynard

    Nicolas Jego , tengo pendiente escuchar tu entrevista en Full Outdoors ( :

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