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Brooks Road Race, Cat 4/5

  • 34.2mi
  • 1,358ft
  • 1:35:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,694


  1. Steve Rosser

    Nice one Travis! I thought you retired BigDawg? Sounds like this one was kinda sketchy.

  2. Travis Mapp

    Thanks, the race was actually very good until a guy went down in front of us.

  3. Travis Mapp

    I, had to get over the crash phobia for a minute, and began chasing to no avail. I, kinda got the monkey off my back with this race. See you at Sunny King next month.

  4. drew jackson

    Good one Fridge! Do it Bruhthaa!!

  5. Travis Mapp

    Thanks, Drew

  6. Chavoy Tyson

    Those power numbers are no joke! Nice push.

  7. Travis Mapp

    Thanks Chavoy, I'm a big boy and I had to chase not to mention training on Zwift.