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Joscelin Lowden

London, England, United Kingdom
  • 7
    Activities in 2019
  • 270.5
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 411

The 3 Hills Session. Cracked the Norton Summit bugger.

Ride March 24, 2018
  • 57.5km
  • 1,147m
  • 2:10:17
    Moving Time
  • 1,483
  • 83
    Relative Effort
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  1. Nusha K.
    Nusha K.

    Great work! I have tried atleast 6 or 7 x to go under 14 minutes on norton and missed it by a handful of seconds each time. Great ride

  2. Joscelin Lowden
    Joscelin Lowden

    Thanks - Won’t deny it didn’t hurt! You were so close, reckon it’s a go-er....!

  3. Nusha K.
    Nusha K.

    Ha don't think so! Wish I could casually get off the plane and pull off those kind of times. Are you relocating to beautiful Radelaide?

  4. Nusha K.
    Nusha K.

    You might have to check out our beautiful trails too

  5. Joscelin Lowden
    Joscelin Lowden

    Haha, it hasn't felt casual! These Adelaide hills are awesome, it's hard riding, no free kms! Am massively charmed by the place but sadly got one more ride then over to Sydney, then back to the UK. Really loved it, been some of the best riding I've done I reckon. And yea haven't even checked the trails yet. I'll ride tomorrow if you want to come out, always happy for company...?

  6. Nusha K.
    Nusha K.

    I'd be absolutely honoured to join you! Sadly tho my legs are MIA at the moment and tomorrow will be wet so I've got a run-shuffle-crawl planned. If you visit again let me know as it would be gr8 to show you around but by the looks you've found yr way well. My husband sells low friction gear and is the MSW distributor here. Since yr off to UK again soon u prob won't have time to look into his stuff but if u get a chance in the UK definately look up molten speed wax to save you that extra few precious watts for yr national and international events. His site here is zerofrictioncycling.com but I'm sure there's an easier way to get u wax and low friction chains to UK if u were interested

  7. Joscelin Lowden
    Joscelin Lowden

    Oo nice one thanks will have a look, always keen for extra watts! Enjoy your ride tomorrow and will give you a shout when I’m back over, no doubt I will be!

  8. Nusha K.
    Nusha K.

    Enjoy ;-)

  9. Cameron Jeffers
    Cameron Jeffers

    Impressive time up Norton Jos!!

  10. Nusha K.
    Nusha K.

    Hi K - had assumed yr Norton time was solo but was it done with others??


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