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A Singapore Runaround

  • 5.5mi
  • 43:30
    Moving Time
  • 7:53/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,033


  1. Yakov Dangor

    Hi ray,
    I'm curious, how do you travel with all the equipments?
    There's a lot of headaches - size, overweight, taxes...?
    And not forgetting, personal stuff for the long staying, family and babies.

  2. Nikola Radulaski

    Checkout Future World at Singapore's ArtScience Museum, you will not regret it.

  3. Lesley Lang

    Omg you are in Singapore!!! Is there a group ride or run scheduled?

  4. Krzysztof B.

    Welcome to Singapore 😁

  5. Rodney T.

    Enjoy your time in Singapore! My second home. Also enjoy running in that heat/humidity. Rather sapping

  6. Andrew Patterson

    Lesley Lang and I can organize one for you

  7. Lesley Lang

    Andrew Patterson 😻😻 what pace?

  8. Simon Ng

    Welcome to Lion City! Singapore!

  9. Colin Horrocks

    Marina Bay Sands??? Stayed there when it first opened approx. 8 years ago! Amazing!!! 👍

  10. Jamie Turnbull

    I bought the Suunto Trainer after reading your review (which was spot on). It’s got a couple of minor annoyances, (can’t edit screen layouts on the fly and it doesn’t do SwimRun events natively) buts it’s brilliant at everything else. Have fun in Singapore!

  11. Jurgen K.

    Welcome to SG Ray! Is there a group ride tomorrow/Sunday? Happy to come along for it