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Rode for Garai. GOGO

Ride May 23, 2018
  • 101.0mi
  • 4,432ft
  • 10:15:06
    Moving Time
  • 2,554
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  1. Jordy Jensen

    Super effort Carol, congrats!

  2. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Thanks Jordy. The premise of the ride, "Ride for Garai Challenge" made it very special. The irony is I kept telling myself to ride like Idai, Garai's brother in order to complete it. It was a meaningful ride.

  3. Jack Tan - E-GOer

    Great ride Carol!

  4. Tracy Terry

    CONGRATULATIONS Carol! Were u by yourself? So impressive and also meaningful! U squashed my mileage..lol

  5. Lefty L.

    UGOGIRL! Awesome ride, 101 Miles!

  6. Jo Kat T.

    Great job, Carole!!!

  7. Debbie DaPena

    Amazing mileage and elevation!!! Super Woman 💪👍

  8. Fab Stand Up B.

    Impressive Carole! 💪 Such an amazing ride and big elevation gain as well 👏👏👏 On your LS or ARC or SUB?

  9. Amy G.

    Well done Carol!! 🙌🏻

  10. Jen M.

    Fantastic Carol!

  11. E S W.

    Nicely done!!

  12. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Congratulations Carol! Very well done! 😀

  13. Frank Blaisdell - Elliptigo

    Nice GOing Carol!

  14. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Thank you all!!! Fab, I rode the first 50 on my Arc, The next 30 on my long stride and the last 21 on the SUB!!

  15. Michael Kostak

    WOW great ride !

  16. Steve Cottren

    Nice Tri-Go-Athon! Amazing ride!

  17. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Thank you, again, inspirations!!! It was a nice ride to participate in and good training to "try" and become like y'all!!!! 😄

  18. Simon Devereux

    Fantastic ride!!

  19. Claire Bickley


  20. Jeff Baker ElliptiGO

    Nice One Carol!

  21. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Thank you so much!!!

  22. Ardy Conway

    Simply marvelous ride! Ya did good, REALLY good Carol. Congratulations!!

  23. Carol Galgano - ElliptiGO & ARC

    Thank you, Ardy!!!

  24. Jim Cremer

    Awesome, Carol!

  25. Tim Woodier

    Wow I missed this, great riding Carol really well done!

  26. Tim Woodier

    Love that you mixed up the three GOs for an elliptiGO Triathlon too Carol!