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  • 80
  • 1,021.1
    kilometers Run
  • 81

Cotswold Way Recce #3: Marathon Edition

Run June 12, 2018
  • 42.7km
  • 984m
  • 4:33:33
    Moving Time
  • 6:24/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,327
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  1. Dan Bartlett

    Did not start well with a puncture driving out of Lansdown! Started running 90 mins late and then managed to get on a CW circular route up a horrible hill and off track. After nettles and barbed wire, things settled. Decided to not obsess and tried turning off heart rate, distance and total time on my watch so I could just run following signs. Much less stressful! Natural pace was fast and I felt comfortable and stronger than usual 💪

  2. Johanna Brighton

    That looks like a comfortable pace dan ! Nice to chill back and enjoy , great run , well done !x

  3. Dan Bartlett

    Johanna Brighton thanks! Made a big difference not having 20 sets of numbers staring at me 😅

  4. James Rutherford

    My long run screen is usually just total distance + elapsed time, with auto laps turned off. Much more enjoyable that way!

  5. James Rutherford

    Also, good skills on the Tuesday marathon 💪👌

  6. Dan Bartlett

    James Rutherford Thanks, yeah just realised I can disable auto laps too 🙌 when you spend hundreds on your new Garmin and disable 90% of its screens 😹