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Solo Windy Ride! Again!

  • 61.0mi
  • 2,520ft
  • 3:21:07
    Moving Time
  • 2,831


  1. Raymond Genao

    No, had it for 18 years

  2. Raymond Genao

    Insurance renewal and need it to send them pictures!

  3. Warren H.

    Is that the M3 you used to race? Very sweet lookin' ride. Mid '80's era?

  4. Raymond Genao

    Yes Warren, but Not this 88!

  5. Renato Castilho

    Worth a mint nowadays! 💰💰

  6. Raymond Genao

    Yes it does! Shame that between this and my bicycles, I choose to put more miles on the bikes than this car!

  7. Brian Sidiski /_\

    Awesome Raymond! E30 M3 prices are going through the roof. People are now starting to realize that they are incredible drivers cars. Looks like you purchased at the perfect time.

  8. Harold Francis

    I know about those prices. I've been looking for one for some time. Also considering an E39 M5 with lower miles Ray. You seem to have a connection so keep me in mind.