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Barefoot Teresa

Austin, San Antonio, Texas
  • 317
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,330.6
    miles Run in 2018
  • 630

Run #2: Stifling, No Air (But Beautiful) Evening Run With Hubby

Run July 18, 2018
  • 4.0mi
  • 49:47
    Moving Time
  • 12:21/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 442
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  1. Jonathan Bonilla
    Jonathan Bonilla

    I'm big into astronomy, and the one consolation prize for this high pressure / heat wave is that it consistently brings clear evening/night skies. My daughter and I were just looking at that near-quarter moon last night in my telescope.

  2. Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    That's the way to see the positives! I think the cicada and frog songs are my favorite part of summer.

  3. Jacob M.
    Jacob M.

    Just wait till it his 108 in a couple days

  4. Barefoot  Teresa
    Barefoot Teresa

    Jonathan Bonilla - what an amazing activity to do with your daughter! The skies sure seem clear these hot evenings. I didn’t realize it had to do with the conditions that have to do with the heat wave. I agree, then, that the beautiful evening skies are one benefit of this weather😊

  5. Barefoot  Teresa
    Barefoot Teresa

    Stephanie Harvey, I remember frog songs from way back when we lived in and visited Savannah! I love those sounds, too! We don’t have frog songs here. We don’t have too many frogs around! Something about those cicadas, though: THE sound of summer.

  6. Barefoot  Teresa
    Barefoot Teresa

    jacob morris I think once we’ve reached the threshold for heat that we already have, a few degrees higher won’t feel much different. Hell is Hell. Not sure our fridge in the garage is going to make it through the summer, though. It’s working pretty hard these days.


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