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Barefoot Teresa

Austin, San Antonio, Texas
  • 471
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,048.9
    miles Run in 2018
  • 649

(Barefoot RSD 1296) Aborted Speed Work (I just couldn't over-come the heat and the nausea tonight.)

Run July 19, 2018
  • 3.0mi
  • 29:38
    Moving Time
  • 9:45/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 211
  • 8
    Relative Effort
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  1. Russell Hunter
    Russell Hunter

    It's hot outside. Anything you can do is a good workout.

  2. Barefoot  Teresa
    Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Russell Hunter. If we would only have some little breeze or moving air I think we all could run a little more comfortably. The heat + no air is just impossible.

  3. One E.
    One E.

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your workout was cut short. Hope the conditions improve.

  4. Timothy M.
    Timothy M.

    Great effort Barefoot Teresa . Getting out there with temps @100+F is pure dedication. U did awesome

  5. Anna M.
    Anna M.

    Amazing you even got out there in this heat! It's relentless!!

  6. Robyn Godfrey ☃️❄️🎄🎅🏼
    Robyn Godfrey ☃️❄️🎄🎅🏼

    Barefoot Teresa, sorry it wasn’t the best but you showed up! I had a bad speed session earlier this week and my husband says, “it’s not like you’re not going to run again tomorrow.” To true!

  7. Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    You're so hard on yourself! Don't be disappointed, you know how sucky summer running is. Just get in your mileage and pick up speedwork again when it cools a little.

  8. Derek C.
    Derek C.

    It's been ungodly hot out. Hang in there, Teresa!

  9. Barefoot  Teresa
    Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, One Eight! Unfortunately we’re in for a long hot spell. I just heard today that Texas has used more electricity this month than ever before and we may have brown outs as the heat wave continues😢

  10. Barefoot  Teresa
    Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Derek C. ⚓ Stephanie Harvey, Robyn Godfrey, Anna Murphy, and Timothy Mungania😊😊😊 Your comments really did lessen the sting I felt from having stopped my workout at the track.

  11. One E.
    One E.

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that :( Don't worry, SF is always an option! High of 68 F today 😅


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