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Eric Triplett

Monrovia, CA
  • 282
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,954.2
    miles Run in 2018
  • 137

New Rabbit FKT short wear test #FKTFriday

Run August 10, 2018
  • 3.0mi
  • 30:42
    Moving Time
  • 10:13/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 291
  • 10
    Relative Effort
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  1. G R.
    G R.

    Dang, that’s a huge pocket!

  2. Ellen K.
    Ellen K.

    Gettin' it DONE 💥🍺💥

  3. Raina .
    Raina .

    This app definitely needs video option. You’ve got a new pair of shorts for the beer mile!

  4. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    G RunzMtnz the fabric is super stretchy and it lays flat when there’s nothing in them.

  5. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Ellen Kenney there are two pockets so I can double fist 🍺

  6. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Raina Rausch 😁😉 Must be of approved alcohol concentration though, I think this Golden Road stuff is too weak.

  7. Raina .
    Raina .

    I’m not sure Total Domination IPA comes in anything but glass 😅.

  8. Verdugist :.
    Verdugist :.

    you can put bear spray can in the side pocket

  9. Ellen K.
    Ellen K.


  10. Wes R.
    Wes R.

    Sexy and I know it!

  11. Bullet P.
    Bullet P.

    Eric Triplett Good thing those are side pockets ...

  12. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Wes Ratcliff only thing sexy is that beer 😆

  13. Wes R.
    Wes R.

    We need to get together and do a brewery run this fall. You plan it out and I’m there!

  14. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Bullet Proof pretty sure front pocket would be painful 😣

  15. Wes R.
    Wes R.

    Bullet Proof will join us.

  16. Bullet P.
    Bullet P.

    Wes Ratcliff Haha I can’t even make it to our local mountains. but since it’s You cool kids, yes I’d be in ??? G RunzMtnz will be there too right ??? & Wes Ratcliff I hear that los Pinos was spared ??? Our crew wants to finally hit a double Pinos run when all the dust has settled !!!

  17. Wes R.
    Wes R.

    Brew run is good training for double LP Bullet Proof

  18. Bullet P.
    Bullet P.

    Wes Ratcliff since I won’t be running Chimera I’ll have to train for something else. Brew run !!! 🍻

  19. Wes R.
    Wes R.


  20. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Let’s get this party 🎉 started!

  21. Raina .
    Raina .

    Dying about the side pocket comment 🤣

  22. Eric Triplett
    Eric Triplett

    Raina Rausch now I’m curious about a pint glass fitting 🤔

  23. Bullet P.
    Bullet P.

    Eric Triplett Wes Ratcliff we have lots of friends that may be interested in the Brew Run pending details & dates. I’m assuming this isn’t an underground / secret run ???


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