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Around Winnipesaukee.

  • 146.4mi
  • 8,319ft
  • 7:42:41
    Moving Time
  • 7,168
  • 182
    Suffer Score


  1. Davis K.
    Davis Kitchel

    Looks like you took the long way to get here. You should ask for directions next time.

  2. Ted K.
    Ted King

    Davy, as the expression goes, "The shortest distance between two points is a trip around Winnipesaukee." Right? Right.

  3. Mathew B.
    Mathew B.

    hats off Ted, i grew up in wolfeboro, very nice loop around the lake. how were the frost heaves?

  4. Jay M.
    Jay M.

    Um, no one told you it's the off season?

  5. Ben C.
    Ben Cooper

    Winnipesaukee is Algonquin for "a really long ride"

  6. Derek R.
    Derek Rush

    What, you couldn't make it up to N Conway for a nice Kanc loop? Hell of a hike, though. My legs get to cramping after a hundred or so. And then you've got the elevation thing up there, too. Good job, dude!

  7. Brian S.
    Brian Stiewing

    The only time my bike will see that type of distance is when it strapped to the back of my car.

  8. Diego B.
    Diego Battistella

    Mine too! LOL