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John Paul Ogden

Cedaredge, Colorado
  • 171
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,831.9
    miles Run in 2018
  • 536

NOLAN'S 14 ATTEMPT - Fish to Avalanche

Run August 24, 2018
  • 69.8mi
  • 31,431ft
  • 22:28:22
    Moving Time
  • 39:43/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,839
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  1. The Notoriuos R.U.N
    The Notoriuos R.U.N

    That is sick!!! Great one Paul!

  2. Corey D.
    Corey D.


  3. Vale Hirt
    Vale Hirt

    Impressive effort!

  4. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    Thanks y'all! It was an epic adventure only to end with significant disappointment. I know I'll get over it but it's still painful...

  5. Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart

    Great effort!

  6. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    Thanks man!

  7. Trent Warner
    Trent Warner

    Wow. Sorry I missed this JP. Truly amazing. Well done.

  8. John D.
    John D.

    Love it, JP. First time I've seen your pics... #nofilter :)

  9. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    Thanks T no worries, glad you dig it, freaking amazing venture for sure...

  10. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    John Danese haha you sick yet? Not me those are some clean streams...You're one strong and badass partner, thanks for going along, never got tired of spending time on the trail with you man, big time respect!

  11. Glenn Ohler
    Glenn Ohler

    Damn! I missed it! BADASS!! Awesome effort, jp! One hell of a project you tackled and I’m guessing it won’t be your last attempt.
    So much respect (and envy) for what you did.
    Keep on inspiring!!

  12. John D.
    John D.

    That's great water. No pukies or poopies here, Buddy. We don't need no stinking filters! Well, at least for smartly chosen mountain streams and springs :)

  13. Rami Ghandour
    Rami Ghandour

    Awesome effort!

  14. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    Thanks Glenn Ohler, you're such an awesome positive guy, I just can't get over this thing. What a beast of a line still really thought we had it. You make a good point about trying it again, seems like a lot of finishers make a couple of attempts before nailing it, my confidence will need to be adjusted and my quads pounded into submission though...

  15. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    John Danese haha man love the confidence and feel the same way. Those few spots you showed me (Miss, Oxford, Elbert, Yale, etc...) are gems and based on experience very reliable. If you haven't read Ethan Linck 's article in Slate check it out here >>https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.slate.com/technology/2018/02/filtering-stream-water-or-fresh-water-is-medically-unnecessary.html

  16. John Paul Ogden
    John Paul Ogden

    Thanks Rami Ghandour much appreciated!


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