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Jeff Walker

Harrogate, England, United Kingdom
  • 215
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,001.1
    miles Run in 2018
  • 102

Reservoir Dogging recce - totally broken and the broken bits even more broken

Run September 16, 2018
  • 28.4mi
  • 1,902ft
  • 5:42:02
    Moving Time
  • 12:03/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,423
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  1. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Real time 6:33 - Strava cheats

  2. Simon W.
    Simon W.

    Auto pause, change it to a race and it will be right...

  3. Simon W.
    Simon W.

    PS you nutter, but well done matey!! How long until the actual race??

  4. Mark D.
    Mark D.

    Massive effort, well done.

  5. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    It's 29th Simon but today has me thinking it might be the 27 miles course rather than the 35 miles, really struggled. Bloody watch says 6:30 but Strava always deletes and food stops and map reading bits 😂

  6. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Thanks Mark, I was close to banging on your front door begging a lift 👍

  7. Simon W.
    Simon W.

    Yeah I’ve worked that out.. the elapsed time still shows correct!! Well you’ve done more than that now!! You need to rest, it’s a lot of miles to do only two weeks out!!

  8. Mike Kaye
    Mike Kaye

    Well done Jeff, massive effort you star

  9. Phil Ventress
    Phil Ventress

    Well done Jeff ! Great running and big up for being motivated to do it ! 10 miles was enough for me

  10. Little Miss G.
    Little Miss G.

    You will be fine on the 35 Jeff, see how you feel on day. Its harder on own and you wont be as stop start on day. What Simon said :)

  11. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Thanks guys, I've made the tea cleans the bathroom and time for a quick vac before I take the lad out for his driving lesson so maybe I've got a bit left if I need it 😂 Wise words Simon and Caroline - maybe deciding on the day is the best plan - after resting of course. Thanks Phil, I know you have the caliber and pedigree so you will smash it I'm sure.

  12. Lisa Storey
    Lisa Storey

    Extreme respect ✊

  13. Lorna Eley
    Lorna Eley

    Wow, that’s a blooming long run! Well done. Which race are you doing?

  14. John Beaumont
    John Beaumont

    And you called me a machine! Well done Jeff👍👍

  15. Amanda S.
    Amanda S.

    You are on tough cookie ! That’s a mental amount of miles to run ! Amazing xx

  16. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Thanks everyone. It call reservoir dogs 35M or 27M run by a lovely crowd "Punk Panther Ultras" 😊

  17. John D.
    John D.

    Well done Jeff. Hope you’re not really broken after it. Need to just take it steady over the next couple of weeks. As others have said you’ll be fine on the day over the 35 miler. The other runners and Marshall’s etc will help you to keep going till the end.

  18. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Thanks John, just managed a big plate of chips & gravy and feel a lot better. Lots of ready planned now 👍

  19. Andrew Peagram
    Andrew Peagram

    Great run Jeff.

  20. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Thanks Andrew 👍

  21. Ted Welton
    Ted Welton

    Good work Jeff, you’ll be right

  22. Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    Thanks Ted, feeling far more positive today - I have a very poor memory fortunately 😂


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