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Furnace Creek 508 Part 2: Cold Reality Kicks in

  • 202.1mi
  • 10,814ft
  • 13:59:31
    Moving Time
  • 7,364


  1. Steve S.
    Steve S.

    It took us a while to catch up, but I saw you out there towards the end. We were Team Spotted Ass X2! Great job! I gave everything out on the desert and was so wiped out towards the end I could stay up to watch all the riders come in. Great time!

  2. Chris O.
    Chris O'Keefe

    Nice Job out there Steve. You guys looked solid. It was a great day on the bike. That last stage was brutal in the sun. That sun was mocking me all the way to the end ;)

  3. Bob C.
    Bob C.

    awesome, Chris!

  4. Adam B.
    Adam B.

    Great ride Chris. Death Valley is always rough. Especially at night. I threw up at Badwater this year... What was the cold reality that you encountered here? Stomach issues, fatigue?

  5. Chris O.
    Chris O'Keefe

    Was riding really strong until DV floor. Easily holding 250 watts on climbs and 200 on flats then BOOM. Dropped to pushing 135 watts on flats and 160 on climbs. Lost all power. I stopped eating but was not able to communicate it well with team and I started drinking caffeinated drinks to try stay awake, but they had no sugar. Silly. So, I spent hours with low power from Furnace Creek to middle of Baker climb when we started hammering gels again and got power back. Gained speed on Kelso climb and finished strong.

  6. Adam B.
    Adam B.

    About the same happened to me. Crosswinds and some headwind in Death Valley, and what seems in the dark to be endless uphill (although obviously you aren't gaining altitude overall) , and I couldn't push the power. My stomach wasn't working at the time either. It's easy to lose focus on the calorie intake. That's a major role of the crew. Anyway, it's all about finishing strong, and you had a great time. Are you coming back next year to beat it?