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Salt to Saint — New Unofficial Course Record — Oldest Solo Finisher (age 60)

  • 424.0mi
  • 14,198ft
  • 25:32:17
    Moving Time
  • 13,573


  1. Nate Palmer

    Incredible! And painful

  2. Ron Cushing

    wow, that's impressive!  just to finish is fantastic, your time was fast...

  3. “Rando Richard” Stum

    There were some "young bucks"that finished in about 22 hours this year, setting a new course record for speed. We had near ideal conditions, including a tail wind in parts of Sanpete & Sevier Counties, when it is typically a head wind. @Nate, I switched back & forth between two different bikes with different saddles, giving my butt a change.

  4. Brian H.

    Awesome ride.

  5. Brett McCall

    Well done Richard! We did it with a mixed crew and I was still blown. Hopeful I can ride that well in a few years'

  6. Ben Robinson

    You are the man!

  7. “Rando Richard” Stum

    @Brett, doing it solo means “at my sustainable pace only,” trying to keep from burning too many matches. @All, blog post at http://www.randorichard.com/salt-to-saint

  8. Dave Meridith

    How do you like the Sigma ROX 10?

  9. “Rando Richard” Stum

    @Dave, it is very similar to the Garman 510 or 550, but for less money. I have a blog post on this unit along with some responses from other people at RandoRichard.com. I'm a dealer for them if you want me to bring one in for you.

  10. Alan W.

    Wow great job!

  11. Farrel Marx

    You are amazing Richard

  12. David Lance Martin

    Fantastic ride!  That was smart to have two different saddles to ride on.

  13. “Rando Richard” Stum

    @Farrell, if you are considering another relay race, do this one & not Rockwell. StoS has half the climbing and shorter legs, i.e. 18-20 miles (some people were doing double back-to-back legs, but that is optional).