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20/09/2014 Big Bike Ride - Tommy Godwin Challenge

Ride September 20, 2014
  • 212.2mi
  • 7,201ft
  • 13:02:03
    Moving Time
  • 6,856
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  1. Jonas Bower

    Superb job David, top art work yet again!!!!!

  2. David Taylor

    One tries. Actually missed some turns so had to redesign as I went. Still, you can see what it's meant to be.

  3. Jonas Bower

    Amazing distance and what a long day in the saddle!!

  4. David Taylor

    My PB!

  5. Dudley J.

    Amazing! Distance, route, picture - everything! In awe

  6. David Taylor

    Thanks, I have another shorter one in the planning if you're interested. Probably won't do it for a while.

  7. Dave Bracey

    Cracking ride David Ps thanks for the kudos for my effort though my rectangle is blown away by your work of art!!

  8. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    Just posted this up on the Sotonia Facebook page, hope you don't mind! You really should come out on one of the group rides one day, they are a really nice bunch.

  9. David Taylor

    No, I don't mind, you can post it anywhere. When do you have the group rides, you never know I may be able to join you one of these fine days, as long as they're not too fast.

  10. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    The main club rides are 9am every Sunday starting from North Baddesley. There are usually about six groups that head off for different distances at different speeds so you'd definitely find a suitable group. Group leaders say where they are going and roughly how fast at the start (e.g. 60 miles at 16mph to Lepe) so you can decide who to go with. I'd try the "medium fast" group first, and then maybe the "fast" group if you're feeling like a harder ride. You'd keep up no problem, even the fast group is only about 18mph average. The Sunday rides are generally pretty relaxed with a café stop.

  11. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    I can rarely do the Sunday rides unfortunately as it means not getting back until 1-2pm. Highly recommended though - let me know if you need any more details. I generally leave Nomansland at 8:20am for an easy ride to the start.

  12. David Taylor

    OK, I'll give it a go, though Sundays can be tricky for me too (got to get a lie in sometime). If they're really 18 average, should be fine with that. I'll call you as and when.

  13. Phil Wilks (Sotonia)

    .... perhaps don't go off with the fastest group first time, just in case they're feeling lively!

  14. David Taylor

    You're probably right.

  15. Phill B.

    Epic... Well done sir!

  16. Liam O.

    Deadly! !

  17. Adrian N.

    Read about this from cycling weekly website. Impressive in so many ways!

  18. Spin D.


  19. Rob Eveleigh

    Hi David - any chance you could drop me a line at hooknews ***at*** btinternet.com with a contact number? I'm a national newspaper journalist and might be able to do something with this. Outstanding effort!

  20. Millie W.

    Great ride, love the bike idea!

  21. Andy Bell

    this just made it's way to the U.S. colorado to be precise. great execution; you gotta suffer for your art.

  22. Bob Douglas


  23. Luiz Carlos A.

    Show! Awesome!

  24. Massimo C.


  25. ➡️ Diogo R.

    very nice! Congrats!

  26. Dominic Cox

    brilliant!!!  this was a great effort and I love the humour   nce one

  27. Alan Bino Polhill

    great fun :-)

  28. Joris Meijer

    Wow, great ride! Not only the drawing is cool also the distance is worth a compliment! Did you see my Elephant: http://tinyurl.com/m76fkkx ?

  29. Andy Bell

    jens voigt just shared it!!

  30. Christoph K.

    Crazy stuff, man! Great work. :D

  31. David Taylor

    Hi Joris, just had a look at the elephant, very good. Have you done any others?

  32. Alex L.


  33. Joris Meijer

    Hey David, no others. Difficult to find but i have my eyes wide open. Do you have any other drawings planned?

  34. Bret L.

    This ride finally landed in my in box. Fantastic work!

  35. Bret L.

    Also, while we are posting work...here's my best from last year: http://www.strava.com/activities/97090517

  36. Mateusz C.


  37. Miguel P.

    Congratulations, it was very good! I'll try one here in Betim, Brazil.

  38. Curtis Corlew

    Wonderful! I am amused and impressed!

  39. Berry Hollander

    KOM for life i guess ;-)

  40. Jarek Czarnecki

    niezła jazda!

  41. Zipi K.


  42. Christopher J.


  43. Aydin Bez | aynakol

    That's a superb job. Ride again buddy!

  44. Travis Hutchens

    Stand up job sir.

  45. Bernard G.

    R E S P E C T ! ! !

  46. Wendy Woo !.

    Great work. Well done !!

  47. Rangerbrasil V.

    Good Job!

  48. Travis Hutchens

    Stand up job sir

  49. Yarno Clabbers

    This should be a strava challenge were you can earn a limited drawing shirt!

  50. Scott S.

    Wow! Pretty amazing. Well done!!