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Alpine Challenge 100miler (=1st w/Paul) (160km, crazy garmie?)

  • 192.6km
  • 7,027m
  • 14:56:25
    Moving Time
  • 7:55/km
    Avg Pace
  • 18,035


  1. Tim Slater

    Congratulations Tom, awesome run!

  2. George Bunt

    Such an impressive run tom!

  3. Adam Rumbold

    Whoa!! Brilliant run.

  4. J P

    Very, very good! 2614, yo!!!

  5. Alexandra Orme

    Wow!!! Some impressive km times there tom! ;) awesome job

  6. Pete Collier

    Shame the garmin freaked out! Well done on the win!!! Got a sore thumb scrolling though the km!!!

  7. James Stewart

    Unbelievable!! Congratulations mate

  8. Tom Brazier

    Sprint finish with Paul Cuthbert when he caught me with ~8km to go. We smashed each other for a few km, somehow neither of us rolled ankles, then a couple of missed turns near the end and we decided to finish together.

  9. Scotty Imhoff

    Awesome effort Tom :)

  10. Aaron Knight

    Super effort Tom !

  11. Duncan Anderson

    yeah that's not bad

  12. Jack Chenoweth

    Well done. You should have bought a Suunto.

  13. Rhino H


  14. Tom Brazier

    Rhino, I think the new Garmin ultratrack battery extender feature needs some work on it. Sometimes it cuts in/out in slightly different places and zig zags along the actual route.

  15. Rhino H

    Take it champion! Was so ace to follow your progress.

  16. Pierre-François Loos

    Well done Tom! Inspiring!

  17. Shultz H.

    Awesome insuring stuff Tom

  18. Adam Huttner-Koros

    Fantastic to see.

  19. Strava A.

    2.10 at 78k solid mate

  20. Brendan E.

    Congratulations Tom