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Old La Honda and 84 fast climbs Palo Alto, CA

  • 80.0km
  • 1,628m
  • 3:10:40
    Moving Time
  • 2,614


  1. Brian Lucido

    Good job! You did it! Ride tomorrow?

  2. Spencer Collom

    Agreed. That is nuts!

  3. Daniel Connelly

    Excellent! Then you demolished W84 as well! Lap time was 14:50 (reported by Strava) which tends to be one sample point short, so I assume your stopwatch time was 14:51. Edge 500 data tend to be dodgy at top of OLH (800 and 200 are better) but your segment time came pretty close to this. Very nice!

  4. Ryan Sherlock

    I would have used my 705 but it has been having some issues creating the tcx files when rides are completed... Must get an 800 at some point.

    Doing OLH seemed to open my lungs a bit - 84 felt pretty easy (well, it was a 30W lower effort). I should probably have opened up the lungs more in the warmup before OLH.

    My stopwatch was from mid bridge to stop sign (I then rolled down W OLH a little) - 14:51.

    Now all I need is drop 3 kg to racing weight, do some racing and then come back over to have another go... :)

    On W84 - I had not climbed it before - was surprised how nice it was!

  5. Daniel Connelly

    Back in the 1990's W84 was pretty miserable with all the car exhaust. But car exhaust is much less of a problem these days and W84 is, I agree, under-rated. It's an efficient way to Skyline. It wouldn't work so well as a Low-Key Hillclimb, but for single-file, it's fine.

    On the Garmin's: I was surprised how good the Edge 200 data looked. There've been improvements since the 500. Presumably these will be translated to the successor to the Edge 500. The 800 is nice, but it's heavy.

  6. Clark Foy

    Well done! Very impressive. Can't wait to see that 3kg lighter and race shape time.

  7. Luis Valente

    Wow, Ryan, way to go! And just as I was feeling good about my OLH time... ;-)))

  8. Jordan K.

    Another gauntlet has been thrown down on OLH. Solid effort!

  9. Tim C.


  10. Jesse Miller-Smith

    Strong work! Very impressive!

  11. Brian Lucido

    Impressive that even after an assault by an electric assisted bike, this record still stands:


    Ryan beat the electric bike by 1 second on "Bridge to Mailboxes"

  12. Rob Delfosse

    You probably heard the recent Adrien Costa interview in which he says he's looking for who ever has the OLH KOM. I hope you hold him off, at least for a while!

  13. Ryan Sherlock

    Yeah - I heard that too... I wanted to go quick up it at the end of my time in the area last year (start of December) but the weather was horrible. Hopefully some time soon, but yeah, when he gets the chance and has a reasonable day he will go quicker.