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lost in the dark again

  • 36.0mi
  • 4,578ft
  • 3:13:26
    Moving Time
  • 2,766
  • 95
    Suffer Score


  1. Menso de Jong

    What better way to get my bearings somewhere new than wander around in the dark for four hours? I did run into some locals who showed my around some sweet trails on Diablo. Thanks guys!

  2. Menso de Jong

    Also, you east bay stravatards have some very silly segment names.

  3. Menso de Jong

    aaand I stole someone's HR data again

  4. Paul Marshall

    Would have been better if you stole their girlfriends on "2 girl hill". Never heard stravatard before and now I will try to use it once a day. The best would be the other biker stealing your speed, HR and cadence data. They would get home and show all their stravatites what they had accomplished!

  5. Mexi .

    Nice push up milkshake.

  6. Manny Manuel

    Damn... Now if we get you and Ryan Chandler out here. You guys will be stealing all the chicks.

  7. Manny Manuel

    If you're running out here with lights. Hit me up.

  8. Alex N |.
    Alex N |.

    Nice ride. I didn't even have to KOMs for a whole day.

  9. Alex Chamberlin

    Gnarly times on your first ride out here. Looks like the bar just got raised!

  10. JP Donovan

    I'm coming to walnut creek for Thanksgiving, I'll try and track you down.

  11. Menso de Jong

    Thanks, everyone. Manny-if I get real busy at work I'll do a run instead of a ride. Those fast fireroads in the first part of lime ridge would be descent for that? JP-I'm actually heading back your way for Thanksgiving. Thursday in El Dorado Hills, skiing Tahoe over the weekend.

  12. Ryan Chandler

    Haha, Sounds like you had a great time out there! Manny and Menso, did you guys just meet out there?

  13. Manny Manuel

    Yo Phenom (ryan). I haven't met Menso yet. Hopefully soon though. How's SLO treating you. You and the boys need to venture out in TC land when your back in town.

  14. Ryan Chandler

    Yes, I agree on a ride. I'll let you both know over thanksgiving if I make it down that way.