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Three Forts Challenge

  • 43.9km
  • 1,016m
  • 4:20:54
    Moving Time
  • 6:06/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,780


  1. Mark C.

    What's happened at km 38 ?

  2. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Virtually stopped whilst interviewing some people en route and stopped for a wee

  3. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Plus bloody knackered

  4. Mark C.

    I think I was falling over for the second time about then, final fall was on the last downhill, I'm in pain tonight with more cramping in calves and thighs :(

  5. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    I had a massage immediately after finishing and I think it's really helped with cramps

  6. Mark C.

    I struggled in the changing room to get changed, then drive home - I think my foot got cramp as my foot was such on accelerate. When's your next race ?

  7. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Viking Kent Coastal on June 7th. It's flat so I'll try to be quick

  8. Mark C.

    A whole month off now then, enjoy