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Last fifth of Nigel's birthday Ride of Death 2015

  • 64.5km
  • 2,153m
  • 3:07:37
    Moving Time
  • 3,105
  • 45
    Relative Effort


  1. Gorm Kipperberg

    Lots of prizes & nice average speed! 

  2. Jeffrey Friedl

    It's my new riding technique; I call it "trying to keep up"

  3. Gorm Kipperberg

    If someone gave you a 7 kilo road bike, you would have no problem keeping up with the best of the Cycling Kyoto gang! I was the one needed to be waited for the first 90k yesterday. Especially after the descents. Still fun though. And in any ride group, someone is bound to be the weakest. :-)

  4. Gorm Kipperberg

    Tough Thursday social ride coming or next Thursday? Have you and Manseki been westward? Or maybe we could try a 200k flat ride?

  5. Jeffrey Friedl

    I'm perfectly fine to be the weakest... gives me something to shoot for. I don't know how much my bike weighs, but I doubt the extra weight makes all that much difference, relatively speaking, because I've already got 85kg of body to move, so the marginal benefit of a few kg saved on the bike is probably not a significant percent of total weight to move. Now, if I were 45kg like some members of the group, a few kg becomes a big thing.

  6. Jeffrey Friedl

    Anyway, I'll consider my current bike like learning to type with a manual typewriter (which is how I learned). It's more difficult to learn, but the learning is much better.