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Pagemill Kom and over 40 miles on a weeknight? I must be dreaming...

  • 73.0km
  • 1,263m
  • 2:19:45
    Moving Time


  1. Landry Bobo

    You are my friend, you are...

  2. Eric Oien

    Dude that's a lot of uh oh emails, hella chowda swag

  3. Ryan Sherlock

    You read my mind... Nice ride

  4. Adrien Costa

    thanks Ryan. can you go for a long ride on sunday? I'm thinking 5 or more hrs...

  5. Ryan Sherlock

    I have an easy ride early in the morning but possibly around noon. I have to figure it out first though. Drop me a mail biking (at) ryan sherlock (dot) com

  6. Tiomoid F.
    Tiomoid F.

    KOMing Page Mill in December? If it were anyone else I'd think they'd be burnt out by May. But somehow I think you'll be at Gila in full force