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Sunny Climbing Palo Alto, CA

  • 132.9km
  • 2,489m
  • 4:43:09
    Moving Time
  • 3,971


  1. Kieran Sherlock

    How could you miss the Naked Lady KOM?

  2. Ryan Sherlock

    haha - will go for it again. After not much changing for a while, Adrian Costa smashed the KOM yesterday on Page Mill - then I broke it today again. Just waiting for him to clean up as soon as I go back to Ireland! :)

  3. James P.

    Wow, 114 achievements! And I thought Adrien's ride was out of control. Good job.

  4. Ryan Sherlock

    Yeah - I don't have the "mental lust" to go after an OLH at the end of this trip - so riding at threshold is a little easier mentally. Never rode 9 or Page Mill hard so it was nice to see. Both long climbs, both very different. Descent off 9 is a lot of fun

  5. Adrien Costa

    congrats. looks like we got a little "kom war" going on here... ;-)

  6. Markus Baldauf

    solid ride! great chatting with you earlier.

  7. Ryan Sherlock

    Nooo! No KOM war Adrien! I had planed on riding Page Mill for the last two weeks hardish. I really must come back sometime during the season though

  8. Adrien Costa

    haha ok. I was kidding. you must be crazy fast during the season if this is your offseason climbing.

  9. Winning Ways C.

    Brilliant stuff Ryan

  10. Luis Valente

    Haven't seen these many KOMs on a single ride. Outstanding!

  11. Bennett Chi L.

    your single ride KOM list surpasses what the top riders in the area can achieve in like one year of riding here... WOW

  12. Peter C.

    Just goes to prove a point Pre loading the night before with a few pints of the black stuff always works wonders

  13. Colin D.

    did you unhide allll of the segments on your ride? or have many mini-segments been made on these 2 climbs since i last did them? regardless - nice ride! killing it in the off-season :)

  14. Kieran Sherlock

    @Colin I noticed that the number of "popular segments" has suddenly increased to include many more unpopular ones. I had to hide about 30 from my ride today before I could recognize where I went!

  15. Colin D.

    yeah, something must've changed with Strava's defaults. there aren't as many of those "silly segments" up here in Vancouver, so i hadn't noticed!

  16. Brian Lucido

    I begrudgingly click the kudo button. 15 Uh-oh's.

    That was really unbelievable: two major climbs in one ride. Wow!

  17. Steve McGrath