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TT100k Alternate Course

  • 30.0mi
  • 3,921ft
  • 2:55:30
    Moving Time
  • 1,937
  • 57
    Suffer Score


  1. Andrew T.

    Just a couple trophies!! Nice buddy

  2. Andrew Buckley

    This is our new course I think- let's ride it next week

  3. Brian Caron

    Would be fun to do a ride with you. I believe I live near by in Truckee.

  4. Andrew Buckley

    Sure lets do it

  5. Skye Allsop

    Different course?

  6. Brian Caron

    Looks like around the start and down by lower south part.

  7. Stacy A.

    Hello, my husband and I were trying to find a course map so we can preride it and I found your ride. Does Northstar allow you to ride up the ski run at the start for preriding? We're planning on riding it soon. Thanks! -Stacy

  8. Andrew Buckley

    Yes we do- I work for Northstar. We have sore ride this Sunday if you want to join

  9. Stacy A.

    Great, thanks! Is a bike park pass required?

  10. Stacy A.

    And thanks for the ride invite, we won't be in the area this weekend.

  11. Andrew Buckley

    No pass needed

  12. scott mcgill

    What tire pressure are you running with tubeless? I have yet to ride Tahoe. Looking forward to the race.

  13. Andrew Buckley

    On my 275 hard tail 25-28, last years full suspension 29er about 22