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It ain't warm out

  • 81.5mi
  • 4,501ft
  • 4:33:26
    Moving Time
  • 4,651
  • 66
    Suffer Score


  1. Paul A.
    Paul A.

    What kind of gloves are you using? We're on a hunt for some good ones.

  2. Bennett M.
    Bennett M.

    Ever check out the dirt roads near wild goose pond in Northwood? Some good climbs in there!

  3. John Blasquez

    Brrrrrrrr, come out to the West Coast(Norcal) - 40-50's

  4. Ken Johnson

    Bay Area will be sunny and possibly mid 50's 12/27 - maybe up Mt. Diablo - depending. Resorts at Tahoe reporting 220 inches of snow - 2nd best in the past 45 years.

  5. Ken Johnson

    Damn duplicate!

  6. Matthew C.
    Matthew C.

    81 miles @ 30 degree avg. Why do you hate yourself so much?

  7. Matthew C.
    Matthew C.

    @Ken... you know you can delete those, right?

  8. Damon P.
    Damon P.

    Did you wear that mustache to keep your face warm?

  9. Richard Beard

    the ride I did not have the balls to ride today, good for you Ted. I got 44 in the same conditions here in VT and my toes were blocks at the end. Kudos

  10. Jeff  T.
    Jeff T.

    I used to live in Dover/Portsmouth and it is wild to see your rides in familiar territory. Cheers!

  11. Ken Johnson

    Matthew - I am new to Strava, haven't figured out the nuances yet - I think I figured out the duplicate thing (highlight the entry and hit the "x".

  12. Giancarlo B.
    Giancarlo B.

    come to Miami...it was a 'brisk' 57 degrees this morning ....lolz

  13. Ally Stacher

    Asheville is pretty nice right now.