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I don't usually climb, but when I do its always on snow. 05/01/13 Ogden, UT

  • 38.5mi
  • 4,637ft
  • 3:10:41
    Moving Time
  • 2,294


  1. James S.
    James Slauson

    Very "cool" ride. Sure you don't need MTB Bar Mitts??

  2. Bunny W.
    Bunny W.

    Believe it or not, with a fresh coating of baby seal blubber, I was able to do the climb to the ski station gloveless!

  3. Jesse G.
    Jesse Gaudet

    Theoretically I'm moving to Norway in July or August. I'll let you know how the weather compares.

  4. Bunny W.
    Bunny W.

    probably pretty nice in summer! http://app.strava.com/activities/1125998

  5. Jesse G.
    Jesse Gaudet

    Awesome. That's basically what I observed this past summer. So far the temps. this winter have looked bearable, it's the 3 weeks of dark that's going to do me in. I'll be about 200km north of Oslo. I just need a better mtb, snow shoes and CX skis.

  6. Bunny W.
    Bunny W.

    I have nothing to say but great things about Norway and Norwegians...just be ready to drink lots of coffee and eat some burly fish stuff in a silver toothpaste tube.

  7. Jesse G.
    Jesse Gaudet

    That is pretty much what everyone has told me. Great video of that race. Do you also find the similarities between Cajun and Scandinavian folk music strange?

  8. Jasonn P.
    Jasonn Potter