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Thanks Duckmiester

  • 35.9km
  • 102m
  • 1:22:32
    Moving Time
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  1. Stan Cutler

    nice ride in? what's the new peninsula link path like

  2. Anthony Besterfield

    Yeah, great, (apart from the missing bit in the Pines). Felt like it was taking ages, but I ended up getting here a bit quicker I think. I probably wont do it again until they finish the Pines part, at the moment you need to detour from Skye Rd/Belarto Rd and through Boggy Creek trail. It's not bad, Sky Rd not great but quiet at least but Boggy Creek has a creek crossing that is fine now, but would be impossible if it rains. Just wish theyd open the bridge at Patterson Lakes FFS....it's been finished since before Christmas!

  3. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    There is a direct/easy down-low way north on PL after it ends via a tunnel under PL, the Pines reserve eventually coming out Tamarisk Drive.

  4. Anthony Besterfield

    Bewdy, thanks Peter. I'll check it out.

  5. Stan Cutler

    Hmmn - looks a bit complicated, I reckon its going to be great to get to work in seaford, just the end at the coolstores wasn't opened up when I went past the other day, I might send them an email and see what their schedule is!

  6. Anthony Besterfield

    I'll run it with you one morning Stan. I won't be commuting in until after my Tassie break now though. I don;t think the coolstores to Baxter section is opening until around march/April? Sure I read something somewhere over the weekend.

  7. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    I should add there are 2 tunnels under PL just north of where the path ends. The 1st is for wildlife while the 2nd (north of the 1st) you can drive a truck through -- that's the one to use.

  8. Anthony Besterfield

    Struggling to work out where these tunnels are Pete. The path ends, (bridge starts), at the end of Illawong Court, are they east of there, between say there and the Thompson Rd exit ramps?

  9. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    Okay .. without looking @ maps this is how we did it. After the path ends follow low cut grass around to the right around a wire fence & small dam & away from PL. You will see a low ditch to the left, walk across this ditch. You then travel west towards PL. After walking over an area of large rock road base veer left along a sandy track. This track will lead you directly to the large tunnel. Once through the tunnel travel west and then veer left through an open gate. This track will lead you directly to Tamarisk drive ... easy.

  10. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    Good luck!

  11. Anthony Besterfield

    Awesome, I'll take a look next time. Thanks Pete.