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Garmin dies on the biggest ride of camp. Go figure!

  • 128.6km
  • 2,577m
  • 4:20:42
    Moving Time


  1. Strava A.

    better start chargin that thing Taylor!!! hahaha

  2. Matt C.

    poor things worn out from all the miles it's recorded!! :)

  3. Brendon O

    Charge her up! Anyways great ride reguardless

  4. D. F.

    Perfect time to get the new model!! They are sick!

  5. The First "Lance" Abate

    Do a hard reset

  6. Julian Cousins

    I'll be doing pretty much those climbs in a couple of weeks. Great place to ride. Check out Villajoyosa if you can, lovely beach.

  7. Alex McCallum ♉

    Garmin should send you an 810 "to test out"

  8. Кирилл К.

    what would the total distance have been?

  9. Dane R.

    One should know that you ALWAYS charge the Garmin before epic rides. Your bad, Taylor. Your bad.

  10. Ted King

    I bet you got in the car.

  11. Linda S.

    The new Garmin 510?

  12. Collin B.

    hahahahaah Ted.

  13. Dan S.

    You can borrow mine if you promise to return it (and not brake it).

  14. Michael Aldridge

    I have had the same problem with Garmin many times use IPhone for back up.

  15. Patrick T.

    poor thing,(Garmin) system over load,

  16. James W.

    Once had two weeks in Teulada just up from Moraira, great part of Spain :)

  17. Carlos Ferreira

    When you come back tgo Boulder I will fix it for you!

  18. Matthew H.

    Who is Garmin?

  19. Alex McCallum ♉

    My Garmin died yesterday on a really important ride to me. It was a Garmin 800. I'm over it with Garmin and will start looking for something revolutionary in terms of cycling performance recording. There must be a Steve Jobs out there who could do great things for cycling with something as revolutionary as the iPhone was when it came out.

  20. Derek Tavasci

    Have you tried charging it alex?

  21. Patrick T.

    hope the Garmin guys r following this ..........not a very good review of their product.

  22. Carlos Ferreira

    You guys must be shitting me. Garmin is the iphone of all bike computers/gps. Maybe he just forgot to charge it just as I did before... Buy yours at REI and if it dies, they will take it back no question asked. Come on now...

  23. D. F.

    Amen Carlos! I've been wondering what these people have been smoke'n. My Garmins (yes plural) have been dropped, crashed, ridden through downpours and snow storms and just kept on a-ticken. Especially for a casual club rider, you can't beat it! My only problem is they keep upgrading and forcing me to buy new ones to get all the cool new features.