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Morning Ride

  • 76.0km
  • 1,088m
  • 2:56:22
    Moving Time
  • 72
    Relative Effort


  1. Jon Hughes

    Crocknorth finally falls... You'll smash Streatley Hill on Sunday, I think.

  2. Edmund Bradbury - PeDaLED JLT Condor

    Thanks Jon, I think Sunday purely depends on how much I leave on the road on Saturday. Hitters road race will be brutal I think! KOM prize is your body weight in beer, 4 grand for the win. Going to be some very motivated riders fresh from the ToB.

  3. James G.

    These Surrey Hills I don't mind - not like I can do anything about it these days - but I'd be grateful if you could avoid Holidaying in Pembrokeshire. And

  4. James G.

    good luck for the Nats!