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Berlin Marathon

  • 42.4km
  • 2:10:29
    Moving Time
  • 3:04/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,250


  1. Ben J.
    Ben Jurkovic

    Congrats on the race, you crushed it!

  2. Oliver H.
    Oliver Herrmann

    2:55 for km 39!!! unbelievable!

  3. Charles P.
    Charles P.

    Congrats on the PB!!

  4. Stu S.
    Stu S.


  5. Ilco T.
    Ilco Trajkovski

    Congrats!!! Sub 2.10.00, wow!!!

  6. Mike C.
    Mike Cooke

    Fantastic result, way to go Reid!

  7. Robyn C.
    Robyn Collins

    Congrats Reid! Amazing!

  8. David P.
    David Phaneuf

    Congrats! Superb result. Double sub-2:11!!! Hello Rio !

  9. Gerry G.
    Gerry Groothuis

    Whoa... What a race! Congrats Reid!

  10. Andreas G.
    Andreas Gossner

    Insane fast!! Huge race!!!

  11. Taylor K.
    Taylor K.


  12. Richard E.
    Richard Eyram

    Congrats! Huge effort & success.

  13. Jason P.
    Jason Pallen

    Congrats. Thanks for sharing your training and races. It's awesome.

  14. Richard H.
    Richard Hachem

    Awesome PB, again you made the best of the situation! CAN record is so close!

  15. Brandon J.
    Brandon Jones


  16. Luke W.
    Luke Watson

    Incredible, way to go

  17. Normand B.
    Normand B.

    Was following you through the night. Great inspiration and Soooo close to Drayton!! You rock:)

  18. Evan D.
    Evan Dietz

    Wonderful race Reid. ...congrats on the PB and the race too....oh so close to the Canadian record....still was an awesome time! !!

  19. Philippe  G.
    Philippe G.

    Incredible :)

  20. Eurico D.
    Eurico Da Costa

    Great Job. Amazing

  21. Roy L.
    Roy Long

    Fantastic result well done.

  22. Ryan M.
    Ryan M.

    Huge congrats Reed! A job very well done!

  23. Dave G.
    Dave Graham

    Awesome, congrats!!

  24. David M.
    David Martin

    Totally radical

  25. Sacha R.
    Sacha R.

    Congrats man! First non african runner! great achievement!

  26. Daniel M.
    Daniel M.

    Congrats man! Amazing run!

  27. Niklosey N.
    Niklosey Noel Cay Saming

    congrats bro...u a such amazing

  28. Drew N.
    Drew N.

    insane pace!

  29. Andrius J.
    andrius jaks Ⓥ

    Great run, congrats

  30. Avoine D.
    Avoine D.

    very inspiring! congrats!

  31. Greg H.
    Greg Herringer

    Inspirational effort!

  32. Cole C.
    Cole Czuchnicki

    This rules! Amazing job Reid!

  33. David F.
    David Flax

    Great PR.

  34. Patrick S.
    Patrick S.

    Fastest non-African on world's fastest marathon course. What an achievement!

  35. Sean W.
    Sean W.

    Great day for you Reid! Congrats!

  36. François M.
    François Marcil

    looking good for Rio !

  37. François M.
    François Marcil

    Strong finishing kick, 3 sec ahead of 7th !

  38. Jason G.
    Jason Guy

    Congrats Reid!! Why to push!! You keep getting faster.

  39. Ryan S.
    Ryan S.


  40. Darren H.
    Darren Hinks

    Totally inspirational performance. Thanks for sharing everything.

  41. Lisa Marie B.
    Lisa Marie B.

    Congrats ! Truly amaZing

  42. Anthony M.
  43. Adrian F.
    Adrian F.

    Amazing running

  44. Fazmin N.
    Fazmin Nizam

    Amazing !!! Congratulations Reid !

  45. Sarah C.
    Sarah Cuff

    Amazing! Huge congrats!!

  46. Benedicte  M.
    Benedicte Monette

    you should be so proud to be one of the elites out of the top 6!!!

  47. Steve D.
    Steve Deschamps

    that is god timing i need your secret lol top shape

  48. Steve D.
    Steve Deschamps

    hart work

  49. Reid C.
    Reid C.

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

  50. Giancarlo P.
    Giancarlo Panini

    Well Done!!!!! RIO is waiting for Youuuuuu!!!!