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Queen of the Ninja Loop

  • 11.6mi
  • 2,182ft
  • 1:26:48
    Moving Time
  • 7:28/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,548


  1. Burr Purnell

    Holy shit that is FAST! Great job Queen Devon.

  2. Devon Yanko

    Thanks Burr! Nothing like taking down the overall CR on a loop we run each and every week!

  3. Larissa Rivers


  4. Peter D.

    Nice running, Queen!

  5. Devon Yanko

    Thanks for the company PD and congrats on your CR!!! Go ninjas!

  6. Peter D.

    I technically don't get a CR!?! cause you uploaded first, and the gender filter isn't kind to guys how can't run as fast as women.

  7. Devon Yanko

    Well, at least you are listed as the male CR holder on the segment page. But damn! That is no good!

  8. Andrew L.

    Nice time Devon!

  9. Ryan D.

    Looks like Duyan did not get across the gap. Extra kudos.

  10. Galen Burrell

    Nice job, wish I could have joined you guys

  11. mary churchill

    Wow!! Speedy! :-)

  12. Brett Rivers


  13. Gary Chavez


  14. Liz G.

    You are a beast! Makes me want to do this run but as an interval workout! lots of rest in between segments :))))! Great run!