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stuart sirey

Carlisle, Cumbria, UK, England, United Kingdom
  • 3
    Activities in 2019
  • 45.1
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 96

Kicking The Tyres & Lighting The Fires

Ride October 10, 2015
  • 11.0mi
  • 1,394ft
  • 54:13
    Moving Time
  • 549
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  1. The Border B.
    The Border B.

    Boom! Shall we say a gud day at the office,youth every time!

  2. stuart sirey
    stuart sirey

    Not perfect Rich, but not bad. Still room for improving that time

  3. The Border  F.
    The Border F.

    Says he punctured the rear halfway round but I saw no evidence of that..

  4. stuart sirey
    stuart sirey

    I did, honest! All you to do was feel how flat the tyre was

  5. Laura Sirey
    Laura Sirey

    I got shown the flat when he got home, paid just about enough attention to see it, but he could have left air out of it before getting home, or whilst waiting for you to finish mike, so I'm not sure if we should believe him ;)

  6. The Border  F.
    The Border F.

    The jury's out on that one Laura, you raised some good points..

  7. The Border B.
    The Border B.

    Haha how competitive are you two,but to be fair he still beat you plucky and that's just the hard facts mate!

  8. stuart sirey
    stuart sirey

    It's not a race though!

  9. The Border B.
    The Border B.

    No!no perish the thought haha!

  10. The Border  F.
    The Border F.

    He did Dick and got the due kudos for doing so..


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