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WW Geysers Pine Flat (flat=22%=walking)

  • 65.9mi
  • 7,830ft
  • 5:16:40
    Moving Time
  • 3,125


  1. Gary V.


  2. Michael D.

    Did you get a ride back to the start?

  3. Alex Lew

    Sometimes walking is faster than riding!

  4. Alex Lew

    I did the 20 mile C route back, but iPhone was running on empty - me too!

  5. Michael D.

    So you were using the Strava iPhone app to record the ride. This is why I use the Garmin 800 - 15 hour battery life. So your bike isn't geared for 22 % climbing? :) I think 18% is pretty much the limit for a road bike. And for me 12% is the limit to maintain a normal cadence. I have 34/36 gearing on a double. I guess you could do 24/36 on a triple?

  6. Michael D.

    When I travelled along the Pine Flat Climb with the mouse it looks like the second part of the climb is where the steep stuff was?

  7. Alex Lew

    The WW Triple Crown riders use triples (30x30?), and they can do 4 mile climbs at 18% and 20k climbing on a ride. Badass

  8. Michael D.

    Yes I did a little research and it looks like 1:1 is pretty much the limit of most bike transmissions. So only with 26" wheels can you get lower effective gearing (e.g. mountain bike). I guess if you had a custom extra long cage you could store the chain from a really small granny gear.

  9. Alex Lew

    IRD makes some 11-34 roadie cassettes: http://www.interlocracing.com/cassettes_steel.html
    The manager at Bicycle Outfitter told me that they don't shift very smoothly.

  10. Cindy Asrir

    Congrats on a great ride! I don't see how you could climb that on a double or compact cassette--you'd have to stand up the whole way. Makes me glad I opted for a triple, but I still find climbs over 12% tough. I was watching the elevation during our climb yesterday and it only got up to 16% but that was still bad enough.

  11. Michael D.

    Alex I ride with 11-36 and it works fine. It is an XTR cassette. It is compatible with Dura-Ace as long as you have the cage extended.