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day 2

  • 168.6km
  • 1,899m
  • 4:25:44
    Moving Time
  • 94
    Relative Effort


  1. Druss The Legend

    Unbelievable riding .......

  2. Alec H.

    You are great, very generous

  3. Ahmed de Rossi

    What do you eat to recover so fast! im just getting started and im getting trouble with this...

  4. Alistair R.

    Good luck, keep it going! Weather looks just like Yorkshire! Going out on TDF 2014 route in snow tomorrow. There's a free base for you here if you ever fancy a guided recce!

  5. Jay G.

    11 KOMS WOW Thats just a dream for most of us

  6. Piet van Dijke 🚴🏽🇳🇱

    Dat was een hele mooie klim en je zat er goed bij>