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03/03/2012 Birmingham, AL tons of fast climbing

  • 81.6mi
  • 12,684ft
  • 5:06:11
    Moving Time
  • 4,149
  • 172
    Relative Effort


  1. xXx | Joseph Keays | NPBS |

    Very impressive!!

  2. Mark Fisher

    Nice job crushing Old Montgomery...and several other climbs!

  3. Chad Williamson

    wow you crushed old montgomery!

  4. Snack K.

    Your elevation graph always looks like the stock market.

  5. Brian Toone

    Thanks y'all. This ride sets a new record for me for climbing on an in-town ride. Here's some fun Garmin screenshots from the ride ... I've tried to use descriptive filenames for each:

  6. Chad Williamson

    Brian, i've always wondered, but do you target a wattage for rides or is it mainly just by feel?

  7. Brian Toone

    I only think about overall average wattage on my easy/recovery days to make sure that my legs get enough rest. On the hard days, I target specific wattages on climbs/intervals but without a wattage goal for the entire ride. On today's ride, here's what i intended to do: caldwell mill - vestavia dr (285 watts), old montgomery (400 watts), smyer circle via brookwood (275 watts), european bypass - vestavia dr (300 watts), mill springs (400+ watts), karl daly from grants mill (250 watts), karl daly complete (275 watts), dell-overcrest (250 watts). If I'm struggling on a climb then my "target wattage" will become an average to shoot for by the end. If I'm feeling good on a climb, then the target wattage will become more of a lower bound but still trying not to exceed it by too much.

  8. Chad Williamson

    gotcha...i knew there was a method tot he madness!