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RgR Gent's Race - Team RSC

  • 202.3km
  • 2,533m
  • 7:37:51
    Moving Time
  • 5,353


  1. Tony Johnson

    Tjrow was good training for that day out!

  2. Brendan Lee

    Nice ride! And how on earth did your iPhone have enough battery to Strava for 8 hours??

  3. Larry Miller

    You can strava with Garmins etc... Just have to upload the file. Ive tried to use my phone before I had a garmin and it was a bummer it died right at the end of a 5 hour race : (. Keep up the slaying Tim!

  4. Chris James

    Larry it says TJ used his iphone dumby.

  5. Tim Johnson

    I had the iPhone going and it juuuuuust died right at the end...last week at the RoW it actually lasted a few 8hr days.

  6. Alyssa B.

    Bummed to have missed you out there - but glad you got to meet the team and check out the Strava Sprinter Van!

  7. Greg Chalberg

    Looks like a classic course!

  8. Matt Roy

    It also cut out on the RgR KOM! Bummer!

  9. Dave McGillicuddy

    8,300 ft,, wow, very nice. Like the Pic's too.