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Tour of California Stage 7 - 7th on stage and 8th overall!!

  • 150.6km
  • 2,426m
  • 4:00:27
    Moving Time
  • 4,076


  1. Davis Kitchel


  2. Frank McConville

    Great work, congratulations on a great placing

  3. M. S.

    Very nice ride!!

  4. Tyler Shaw

    Just finished watching the ride from good ole ATX. Going to use the inspiration for Jester and Beauford tomorrow!

  5. Burke Culligan

    saw you try to charge it at the end from side of the road... nice aggression at the end..

  6. Ron P.

    You rocked it! Awesome!

  7. Paul H.

    Top kwalitee !!

  8. Roy H.

    Thanks for sharing on Strava....roll on

  9. Raymond G.

    Lawson. Way to go. You ripped Mt D. Impressive. You have a great career ahead of u. Nice TV. Appearance also Stay on strava. U have Fans you'll never meet. Inspiration to all of us

  10. Paul Merryman

    Awesome ride on Diablo! I ride it and was impressed with how you powered up it. I look forward to following your progress. Congrats!

  11. Slade L.

    Really, really awesome day and week for that matter!!! You are doing all the right things, keep it up and we will be watching you soon...live from Paris!!! No champagne drinking today on podium...your not legally allowed to drink it yet!!! LOL!!!

  12. Grant Hosford

    Keep up the great riding! You are part of cycling's bright future!

  13. Paul R.

    Lawson, training in Solvang is the key to success. Go Fig!!! Congrats on a job well done.

  14. Greg Fuqua

    Great Amgen Lawson, here come the baby-faced assassins of the US and Bontrager!!!!!

  15. Christopher Munoz

    Crushed the previous KOM by 2 1/2 min. Unless Tour of CA do another summit finish from Southgate Rd. I think your time is safe for infinity! Congrats on a great week!

  16. R.B. Ellis

    Lawson, you and your teamates have amuch to be proud of. Great job at Tour of CA !

  17. Steve M.

    Very excited for you, well done!

  18. Strava A.

    Mt Diablo is very dificult! I saw on television.

  19. Brett Folkman

    2 years late, but excellent record on my home mountain I ride all the time!