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Ride hard on the hard days. Ride easy on the easy days. Novel, really

  • 18.6mi
  • 269ft
  • 1:32:40
    Moving Time
  • 18
    Suffer Score


  1. Davis Kitchel

    Shoot! I knew I was doing it wrong.

  2. James Slauson

    Only hard enough so the bike doesn't fall over!!

  3. Joe H.
    Joe H.

    you could definitely smell the poppies at that pace Ted.

  4. Jukka Valkonen

    Brilliant! What a concept.

  5. Giancarlo B.
    Giancarlo B.

    no power meter bro?! lol

  6. Tom Hickman

    Nice one Ted! And a nice piece of work in E3! Any chance we're going to get to see you race stateside in Greenville for US Nationals?

  7. Randy Poitras

    21 kudos for an 18 mile ride at 12.5 MPH. Save them for when Ted earns them : )

  8. Bj K.
    Bj K.

    Ted King is an ANIMAL!

  9. Stefano P.
    Stefano P.

    can i make you a question about training in general?i would asking you some suggests about the training for a slope time trial of 8km at 6-7%..thanks

  10. Ted King

    I LOVE how you preface "train in general" with one of the most specific training questions I've ever been asked - namely a slope time trial of 8km at, ooooh, roughly 6-7%.

    I would give two suggestions. One, pay a coach to tell you what to do. Two, ride hard, and when that hurts because you're pedaling too hard, pedal even harder.

    Hope that helps!

  11. Davis Kitchel

    I remember my high school track coach saying "if it doesn't hurt, it's not working." Must be a universal truth.