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Patricia Schwager

Denver, Colorado
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Ride May 13, 2016
  • 58.0mi
  • 4,042ft
  • 3:33:50
    Moving Time
  • 2,030
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  1. Rob Guinn
    Rob Guinn

    We've never met, but I have a question you might be able to answer about the Summer Access Road. I wanted to find out if there was someone I could request permission to ride my bike on it. Since you appear to live nearby, I figured you might know the status of this road for cycling and who owns it. Maybe they totally don't care or maybe they'll come after trespassers with their gun - I have no idea. If you have any information I'd appreciate it tremendously. I'll see a reply here, or you can email me at robguinn@hotmail.com. Thanks heaps.

  2. Patricia Schwager
    Patricia Schwager

    You can totally ride it, nobody cares. MTB or cross bike though since it is super steep, bumpy and gravel. Wouldn't try it withe the roadbike....

  3. Rob Guinn
    Rob Guinn

    Thanks! I actually did ride it on my groad bike, but since I was focused on dodging traffic I didn't see the sign at the bottom. It's the steepest road I've ever [barely] ridden.

  4. Rob Guinn
    Rob Guinn

    Unfortunately your HOA seems to care. I asked their permission to ride it and they said, "Our concern with someone riding a bike on the road is that there is literally no shoulder and the traffic on the road can be quite unpredictable. Thus there is a significant safety concern around the use of the road by bikers and we request that you not ride a bike on the road."

  5. Patricia Schwager
    Patricia Schwager

    No idea I never asked. I just rode or walked up&down the road. I moved away too so I am not sure what the situation is currently.


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