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03/31/2012 It's a long way to 10,000 - Hoover "Connect the dots"

  • 105.8mi
  • 10,224ft
  • 6:53:10
    Moving Time
  • 4,414


  1. Mark Fisher

    Did a ride by myself in Hoover then met up with Chad and Ed for some more. After that I did a little more solo to hit my new climbing record for one ride. Gonna feel this one tomorrow.

  2. Chad Williamson

    man that is epic. the funny part is that you can't even decipher your route and when you did what road haha!

  3. Mark Fisher

    Yeah Chad, I definitely got to see Hoover...several times yesterday. I had planned on doing my usual climbing route through Hoover then picking you up. I am use to the Rex Lake route with you for your intervals so I thought my map would look more impressive if I did Hoover first then 78/Rex lake next with you. Oh well a 100 miles is a 100 miles

  4. Chad Williamson

    like i said, you should have called this ride "Hoover connect-a-dot" or "the Hoover coloring book" haha

  5. Mark Fisher

    There I fixed the title. I like it, connect the dots using all the "4s." I wonder how many different climbs you could actually rack up in the Birmingham area that would register. Not counting a roads twice, like not using the multiple ways up Smyer, just the one. Maybe someone could rack up 50 dots? Idk sounds like an adventure all the climbers in bham should get together and do one day.

  6. Michael Gaston

    Your last 3 weeks have been EPIC! I'm impressed...