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Terrible Two 2016 Double Century (my 7th & probably last official TTDC finish)

  • 199.8mi
  • 18,537ft
  • 16:41:21
    Moving Time
  • 7,641


  1. Road W.

    Cograts....every Double is hard. The TT is one of the most difficult. Great accomplishment my friend!

  2. Rico Mundy

    Amazing! So glad you made the official finish. I was thinking about you throughout the day.

  3. Rico Mundy

    So how do you like the new course?

  4. Matt Hickman

    Great ride!!

  5. Roy Benton

    Rico, it was definitely refreshing to be on a new course for the first 75 miles. Though you and I have been on most of these "new" roads at one time or another, we weren't there as the sun tried to break through the morning fog, and before the heavy traffic hit Valley Ford Rd. or Rte. 12. On the other hand, the travel through eastern Santa Rosa in miles 45-55 or so is not so rural. It's hard to be objective generally about the substitution, for the long-term, because the 75 miles which have been removed are among those on which you and I have logged thousands of home-based miles!

  6. Roy Benton

    Michael ("Road Warrior"): You're right, no double century is easy, especially these with long, steep hot climbs. You know this very well, as you & I supported each other as part of a midnight grupetto in the closing miles of the DMD a couple of months ago. I'm still grateful remembering that.