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Gib boom 04/03/2012 Goleta, CA

  • 50.7mi
  • 5,633ft
  • 3:01:09
    Moving Time
  • 2,631
  • 137
    Suffer Score


  1. Michael O.
    Michael O'Neil

    That looks like a pretty uncomfortable 30 minutes in the middle of your ride: HR between 197-207. Ouch!

  2. Ben F.
    Ben FR

    That heart rate data can't be right, or can it?

  3. Michael O.
    Michael O'Neil


    I think it's right....382 watts for 31 minutes will do that to your heart rate!

    remember he is a professional!

  4. Jesse A.
    Jesse Anthony

    Michael, I can confirm that those 30 minutes were significantly uncomfortable. Ben, I'm not sure if that HR is 100% accurate, but that's what it recorded. Judging from my other rides, it's not uncommon.

  5. Michael O.
    Michael O'Neil

    These CA climbs are a bit longer than we are use to back in NH & MA huh? Nice.

    Also: congrats on the TV spot...looks great!

  6. Dave L.
    Dave Lettieri_ FasTrack Bikes

    31 Min that climp is flying. Nice!

  7. Matt L.
    Matt Lovett

    Damn - nice ride!

    I have to agree with Ben, that HR data is amazing. I get my HR up to 185 for 2 minutes and feel like I'm going to die. From what I've seen, Jesse is on the extreme high end for max HR, even for a pro. For example, SRM just released Simon Gerrans' data from Milan San Remo, and he doesn't even hit 185. Genetics play a huge role, so please don't die trying to hit 207BPM at home!

  8. Matt H.
    Matt H.

    Those stats on Gibraltar are unreal!

  9. Ben B.
    Ben Bostrom

    Hot doggie!!!!! That's legit brother!!!!!! Kenny, what happened back there?

  10. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Damn JA, you shot Kenny Powers out the back on a couple of those KOM's!! Solid!

  11. Ben B.
    Ben Bostrom

    Wish I were healthy to rip the canyons with the this week. EB is riding well. Gotta check out your area when I return in may. Jack is frothing to meet Gib. Can't wait to watch you slay this year!!!!