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GCGF. Joe threw himself into a ditch about 30 miles in to get out of 125 miles.

Ride June 25, 2016
  • 100.6mi
  • 11,276ft
  • 7:01:10
    Moving Time
  • 5,328
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  1. Jason Cavallaro

    Sorry you didn't get to complete the whole thing but still a hell of a ride. Great job!

  2. Andrew Schrantz

    Thanks. Still a good day. He was hurting pretty bad. Hit his back hard. Tough as nails to finish what he did.

  3. joe watson

    great job andrew! thanks for putting up with me today.

  4. Andrew Schrantz

    You did great. Busted up and still pushed! Very impressed.

  5. Roger Brubaker

    Great weather today but still tough ride!! Nice job!!

  6. Mark 8.

    Awesome accomplishment, Andrew. (Glad I wasn't there...)

  7. Nick DeAngelis

    Great job no matter what. That's a ton of climbing!

  8. Andrew Schrantz

    Thanks guys. It's a fantastic area to ride. Not one light. Just about every turn or intersection they have someone directing. The dangerous intersections the have State police stop traffic. Rest stops are full of Hammer products and tons of food.

  9. Andrew Schrantz

    Joe's crash was Tour De France worthy. 40 mph skid into the ditch then head over heels. Super tough to grind out another 70. Wet road hairpin turn. Guy in front of him just braked too hard.

  10. Mark DiPillo

    Awesome ride Andrew...great cup at the finish!!! Bummer about Joe's crash, I hope he's just bruised and not any worse!!

  11. Andrew Schrantz

    Thanks Mark. His back was bruised pretty good. We're old and don't bounce of the pavement like we used to.:)